Ten Keys to IT Success:

  1. Get complete and sustainable IT maintenance.  Expect to maintain your IT installations. Allow for the business cost of IT support.
  2. Use business speed internet service.  A regular ADSL2 connection is a home service – up to 100 other users can be sharing your connection. Get NBN, 4G, wireless.
  3. Test your backup data. You must do a test restore to confirm your data recovery function. I have seen many businesses fail to test data backup.
  4. Employ experienced technicians.  The cheap/inexperienced guys might be friendly but they make basic mistakes and work slowly. In the end you will pay more. Engage your business with IT experience only
  5. Let IT engineers do IT changes. Don’t allow your non-IT staff to do anything to your server. 9 out of 10 times they will damage it. Our experience involves fixing a LOT of “in house” IT tech work.
  6. Check the credentials of your IT support company. Your business is on the line – you must reference check the people who can ruin your IT, and your business.
  7. Train your staff in IT use. Don’t expect your staff to be IT efficient without some IT training. Staff IT training pays for itself over and over again.
  8. Embrace new technology. It is efficient. I have seen clients refusing to use email, and still using microfiche! Keep up or be doomed to oblivion. Don’t keep your old technology passed its used-by date.
  9. Expect IT to fail sometimes. Don’t expect IT to work properly all the time.  IT is complex and buggy and prone to fail all by itself. If Microsoft worked properly, 1/2 our work would evaporate.
  10. Don’t assume your network is safe. You need security solutions to protect your email, your LAN, your data, your business. The business risk of not providing protection is too high and unnecessary.  Please ask me about Deep Instinct – the state-of-the-art Endpoint protection (done by AI)
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