Keycom started in 1992 as Key Computer Solutions, a computer supply and support company for small businesses in Sydney.

Jim Lawson started IT in 1977 with Computer Science including FORTRAN and BASIC programming at Newcastle University.

6 highly trained certified full-time technicians provide the very best in IT results. You wont be waiting for support help.          Click here for technical staff list.

Over the last 2 decades, Keycom has provided many hundreds of network solutions (installations) for small and medium businesses. All of these solutions have been 100% successful and practical.

Keycom has never failed at any IT implementation. Our solutions are guaranteed. Our expertise is unrivaled. And our technical work is guaranteed.


IT has evolved much since the ’70s, and the needs of IT for business continues to compel our industry to deliver useful business results.

Today’s businesses need reliable, safe and practical IT results, without the IT delays and technical mistakes we see at almost every new site we examine.


Keycom now provides fully hosted servers in Microsoft Azure data centres in Sydney.

This is a compelling alternative to your own in-house server. Please call Jim and ask for a 5 min demo.


Keycom specialises in quality practical small business solutions with a focus on medical centres.

Keycom is an authorized partner of  HCN (Medical Director),  Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Sophos, Compucon, ANTTEL, and many IT providers.

Our technicians are trained, certified and experienced in: Microsoft, Apple, Sophos, Cyberoam, Linux, security, helpdesk.


We personally:

  • take pride in our very experienced IT work.
  • take extreme care with our clients IT.
  • make sure your IT and data are always safe and reliable.
  • make sure your business is safe.
  • guarantee our results